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An indispensable marketing utility for your toolbox

Scans every corner of your Gmail account looking through each email and all its fields: From, To, Reply-to, Cc, Bcc, Subject & the full Message Body. It returns a list of email addresses for you to use for example, in your marketing campaigns.

  • Discover hidden addresses & turn them into valuable contacts.
  • Select a single, multiple or all your Gmail labels.
  • Scan any Gmail account, scan unlimited accounts for life.
  • One payment No Monthly Subscription, yours to reuse for life.
  • Sift out every single email address in every email in your account.
  • No need to use your primary Gmail login Credentials, Google Application Specific Passwords supported, ultrasafe.
  • Works with Gmail and Google Apps email accounts.
  • Save to your PC and export to a Google Spreadsheet or Excel.
  • Best in class enterprise security trusted by small startups through to huge multi-nationals, absolute peace of mind guaranteed.
  • Avoid the harvesters - don't have your email addresses exploited by 'mine in the middle' spy servers. GeeExtract installs on your PC and connects directly to your gmail account using a secure HTTPS connection obviating the need for on-line middle servers & therefore any chance of email/account data theft.
  • Modern Windows 7/8/10 Desktop Application (not Mac compatible).
  • Free Lifetime Support & Updates included in your purchase.
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Version 4.5.2 now shipping as of Jan 9th 2016

About GeeExtract

GeeExtract is a Gmail Extractor, you install on your PC, you log into your Gmail account with it and allow it to search your emails to find email addresses for you to use as new contacts. An email may contain many more email addresses than yours and the senders, but you may not know they are there. Nothing is downloaded to your PC except email addresses, all the heavy lifting is carried out between your PC and Gmail. Its super fast, simple to use and very efficient.

Clean & filtered

GeeExtract can filter out what you don't want like 'donotreply' addresses and duplicates, you add these blacklisted names to the filter and GeeExtract simply ignores them for you. GeeExtract will also split the full name into first name & Surname to help make your emails more personal.

Get more than you bargained for!

GeeExtract scans the 'From', 'To', 'ReplyTo', 'Cc', 'Bcc' fields and the Message Body of your emails. The 'To' field may contain many extra hidden addresses if the sender has sent the email to many recipients. By performing this extra scanning, you may get a lot more email results than you expected. We get lots of thank-you's for this feature.

Enhanced Security

With all extractors you must give them your Google credentials, and as such, free range in your Google account and its products i.e. Checkout, Wallet, Drive, Docs, Blogger, You tube, Picassa Photo's, Google +....

You can avoid this situation using any StarBanana product as we support Googles 'Application Specific Passwords' & Two Step Auth. With an ASP you Generate a Gmail password specifically for GeeExtract to use with your Gmail Account, this limits GeeExtract to Gmail and blocks it from all of your other Google products. Its simple to set up and Google now promote this as their standard protocol, we are proud to say we have employed and promoted it for over three years!

Don't feed the harvestors

In recent studies we have quite alarmingly seen many other extractors using 'mine in the middle' servers, leaving all your Google account data unsafe. When you enter your username & password into their web page, it sends your credentials to their server, which then performs the extraction (not your PC), the server saves your private addresses before sending them back to you. Ultimately meaning your addresses may be sold on for profit.

Our business is not email address harvesting. Your security is paramount to us, there are no middle servers, you are connecting your PC directly to your Gmail server (using HTTPS - bank strength encryption) so your data is completely safe, secure & kept away from prying eyes.

Using GeeExtract with its enhanced security means you are using the strongest and safest aplication available, our many years at the top of the field and our unrivalled customer service are your peace of mind.

Even if you decide not to use any StarBanana products, take our friendly advice, unless you are using an App Specific Password, never enter your Google credentials into any other site other than Google!.

Why Extract Email Addresses From Gmail?


Marketing Lists

Email accounts can be gold mines, literally full of email addresses in visible and nonvisible area's, these addresses are what you use daily to carry out your business, GeeExtract will turn these addresses into valuable contacts ready to be employed in your marketing strategies

You may want to get the email addresses of anyone that has ever sent you an email, and also any other addresses that are contained within the senders email (some hidden). GeeExtract gives you all this and will help you drive more productive marketing campaigns by giving you back your own free valuable email contacts previously unseen.


A Simple Backup

Reading through Google's terms of service can be frightening as they are quite open about the safety of your data, or rather they are being honest and informative by making you aware that its not guaranteed at all. If you are in the unfortunate position of a Google system failure then you have most likely lost your data. So how can you get your data back? We all know Google will make every effort to restore it, but why risk losing it in the first place? If you value your data then why not simply back it up. Online backup services seek to simply backup from the cloud to the cloud, but there are those who wish to have a backup on their PC for another layer of security and privacy.


Banned Account

You may wish to take a local backup in case you get banned. Google are banning more users than ever, this can happen if you inadvertently break the terms of service (send too many emails, receive too much data etc...) if you get banned you can't log into your account! Emails, contacts, everything locked out... how would you get through the day?
It may seem were being slightly over the top but getting to your data and backing it up is the best thing you can ever do. Remember that time you lost it...ouch.

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compatible with window XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • XP • Vista • Windows 7 • Windows 8
  • Not currently compatible with Mac
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